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Working with Jumpseat Leadership

Our partnership with clients is rooted in co-design.

What do we mean by 'co-design'?

Our partnership with clients is rooted in co-design. This means that we recognize and honour what a client already has in place, and draw on their expertise to add to our own. The result is an approach we have created together and is sustainable for the future. This is Jumpseat Leadership in action. What this can look like in practice is:


We research and talk with you to understand your organization, your business, your people, the challenges you face, and the outcome you want to achieve.


We develop an appreciation of the work you already have in place so we can build on it.

custom CONTENT

We tailor our approach – be it a keynote, workshop, or longer-term partnership – to blend what we have learned about you organization with the Jumpseat Leadership approach.



Training refers to the process of increasing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees for doing work. Development refers to the overall growth of our people.

The Jumpseat Leadership team specializes in partnering with organizations to make history-making outcomes possible. We do that by enabling people to connect to what is deeply important to them at a human level (their commitment), and use that energy to make a history-making outcome a possibility. We then show them how to lead in such a way so everyone in the organization can overcome the challenges they face, embrace the unknown, and turn possibility into reality.




Leadership Development

With 17+ years partnering with businesses around the world, ​a trained leadership consultant, speaker and executive coach, Peter's commercial and industry experience has been at the most senior levels in sectors including oil & gas, construction, mining, medical, pharmaceuticals, banking, television, film, media, print, hospitality, manufacturing and services – across 94 countries. Our clients include Google, Four Seasons Hotels, Baylor Scott & White, GE Healthcare, Accenture, American Express, ASOS, EY, NBC Universal and over 100 more.

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